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About Us

    Beijing Welion New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing  on  the research and development 

and production of mixed solid-liquid  electrolyte lithium ion  batteries and all-solid lithium batteries, with a series of core patents 

and technologies. It is the only industrialization platform of solid state battery technology in Clean Energy  Laboratory of Institute 

of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company  was  founded  in  2016 , headquartered  in  Beijing , has  two  production  

bases  in Beijing Fangshan and Jiangsu Liyang, with a total investment of more than 300 million yuan.

    Company  s a blend of battery materials , batteries , system  in  the areas of advanced talents , focusing on  high energy density ,

 high  security ,  high  power,  wide temperature range, long life of mixed solid  liquid electrolyte  battery and  solid-state batteries 

products, through the originalinnovation breakthrough technology bottlenecks , existing applications cover new  energy  vehicle , 

energy storage , 3 c consumption scale and other industries and other fields.

Company Culture
Corporate Culture

Enterprise core concept: Together in WeLion ,Leading Solid Power

Core values: respect for science, original innovation, deep thinking, eclecticism, extreme 

execution, indomitable

Corporate Vision : Welion  New  Energy  is  determined  to  become a pioneer enterprise

mastering the  core  technology  of solid state battery through original innovation , and 

making outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of clean energy and 

the protection of blue sky

Together in WeLion ,Leading Solid Power
Grupo Antoin